The life less lived

This aching heart all filled up with pain, Overwhelming the thought just to maintain

Long restless nights and wasted weary days, becoming more frequent of my un-structured ways

The tired crowd, once my biggest fans, one by one throw up their hands

So I’m left lifeless and frozen as I watch them walk away, Looks on their face of helpless dismay

It’s not then till I realize what I’ve thrown away

It starts to get cold and begins to rain, the daylight escapes me as I’m left there in pain

Feeling defeat like a slap in the face, as the strong, stormy winds, show me no grace

So alone once again, myself to blame, I shoulda been wiser when I chose the game

Now I battle the storm that’s deep within, tears streaming, when will they end..

Will I ever own back the life I once knew… Or the best part of me gone, too lost to pursue?

Measures of ones heart

I am such a strong believer in energy… More then energy, I believe there’s much strength that evolves from our heart. When I truly decide to charge something, when my heart feels so alive within my chest, when I know everything I’m doing is genuine and good to my core, the world gives that same energy back to me.

I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride (of my own making) for several… many years. The amount of wreckage and turmoil and pain is indescribable. At times it’s overwhelming and almost hopeless.. However I am fighting for the better life. Breaking free from the bondage of my demons. Things are beginning to evolve for me. I start my new job tomorrow. I’m elated. Thank you God! This week is a good week. One day at a time.

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